The following prices are based on a 2 hour performance session

NB - These rates do not apply on special days such as Christmas Eve - Christmas Day - Boxing Day - NYE


Local - A venue within 30 miles of SO53
e.g. Southampton - Portsmouth - Basingstoke - Salisbury

Area A - A venue over 30 miles away from SO53 but within 50 miles
e.g. Bournemouth - Guildford

Area B - venue over 50 miles away from SO53 but within 70 miles
e.g. Most South West London - Brighton - Oxford

Area C - venue over 70 miles away from SO53 but within 100 miles
e.g. Central London - Gatwick - Bath - Bristol

Area D - Venue over 100 miles away. James Prince will travel anywhere in the world to perform

Please ring or email to discuss your requirements and for a quotation

Additional performance session time - + £50 per 30 minutes

Costumed performances - e.g. Western / Mad Hatter please add £100 to the quoted price 


Trade shows -  please contact for prices

For an example of prices quoted to attend the NEC for a two day event in 2017, click on the image below