Close-up Magic - Your guests will be amazed.....


James has been performing Magic professionally for over twenty years and in that time has performed at literally thousands of Hotels, Clubs and Restaurants and at numerous Corporate and Private Functions, both in the UK and overseas

James performs his Magic right next to your guests, strolling between standing groups or visiting individual tables

The Magic actually takes place by them or even in their own hands

A perfect means to create an atmosphere and provide a fun talking point

Use Close Up Magic during the courses of a dinner or as guests arrive

Many people will have never seen Magic of this quality, this close up before, making this something remembered and talked about long afterwards

At a glance:

  • Member of Equity & The Magic Circle

  • Close up magic

  • 20 years’ experience

  • Corporate events

  • Weddings

  • Trade shows

  • Parties

Original Presentations

James Prince not only performs great Magic, he also created most of his repertoire

See tricks like Borrowed Banknote to KiwiRing in Pepper Grinder,Card in Matchbox and many others performed by their originator

These are not the same old tricks every other magician does

A Master Magician

James not only performs magic, he also teaches other magicians

A quick web search and you will find his lectures and instructional DVDs selling to Magicians all over the World, from the USA to Japan

His DVD 'Menu of Miracles' was voted by magicians worldwide as one of the top Magic training DVDs of all time

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