The tables used are shown in the pictures above

 Casino sized tables with Casino sized wheels (80cm)

Fun money provided if required at no extra charge


Roulette - Blackjack - Stud Poker - Chuck a Luck



We deliver and collect - 1 croupier per table - Price is for up to 3 hours operation before midnight

+ travel expenses if further than 30 miles from SO53

1 Table - £350     2 Tables - £550     3 Tables - £750     4 Tables - £950     5 Tables - £1150     6 Tables - £1300

NB - 1 to 3 tables can include one roulette at no extra cost, 4 to 6 tables can include 2 roulette at no extra cost



Quotes are based on a 3 hour operating time up to midnight 

If any of the 3 hours are after midnight add - £25 per table - per hour over midnight

Extra hours are charged at £50 per hour before midnight and £75 per hour after midnight

Further travel - please ring or email for a free quotation

If having 2 or 3 tables only and 2 of these are required to be roulette - there is an extra charge of £50 


One of the most popular of all event attractions and fits right into so many different themes -

Casino Night - Las Vegas - Hollywood - Moulin Rouge - James Bond - Western - Gangster - Prohibition - Oscar -  Paris - 1920s



Personalised Fun Money for weddings and other events





Fun Casinos


Assessed by James Prince

Validated by Jill Eckford


Activities to be carried out


Main Activity

Operation of fun casino tables for groups of participants

Possible Subsidiary Activities

Distribution of Playing tokens (fun money)                                                                         


Equipment Safety

Equipment Positioning

Unruly Behaviour

Child Safety

Persons in danger

Those attending function

Function staff

Other Sub-contractors

Existing measures to control risk

All equipment inspected prior to use

All assembly staff to fully understand correct procedure

Equipment must be sited on sound and level area

Sufficient space must be available for participants

Walkways and fire escapes and fire escape routes to be kept clear

Independent public liability insurance to be held


Risk Rating - LOW           Result Rating - A


Action Plan

James Prince to check Public Liability in date before performance

Staff to consider the following prior to performance -

  • Is area suitable – will weather conditions effect area

  • Crowd levels and possible pedestrian bottlenecks

  • Are young children present? - If so adults responsible should be asked to ensure that they stay away from equipment

During play Staff to ensure –

  • A member of staff is present with the equipment at all times

  • In the event of unruly behaviour the tables are be closed immediately

  • Players do not sit or lean heavily on the tables

 Background to activities

No injuries/accidents involving James Prince and the various activities and decorations supplied by him have ever been reported, since trading commenced in the early 1980s

No claims of any sort have been made against James Prince public liability insurance