Fairground Stalls

Roll up, roll up and get stuck into awesome old fairground games, including -

Coconut Shy - how hard can it be to knock a coconut off a stand? It's trickier than you might think! 

Hoopla - put your hand-to-eye coordination skills to the test and toss the hoop over the block to win a prize

Shooting Gallery - get into the spirit of the Wild West and unleash your inner Clint Eastwood with this classic target shooting game

Tin Can Alley - So easy to knock the first 5 down, so hard to get the last one

Ball in the Churn - It looks so deceptively simple, a great favorite that all ages can enjoy


If you're looking for activities that will break the ice and keep everyone entertained for hours, fairground stalls are for you!


Manned Hire

We deliver and collect - £50 worth of prizes per stall - 1 operator per stall

Up to 3 hours operation before midnight + travel expenses if further than 30 miles from SO53

1 Stall - £350   2 Stalls - £550   3 Stalls - £750 4 Stalls - £950  5 Stalls - £1150  



Lighting per stall - basic lighting included - power not required

Quotes are based on a 3 hour operating time upto midnight - 

If any of the 3 hours are after midnight add £25 per table per hour over midnight

Extra hours are charged at £65 per hour before midnight and £90 per hour after midnight (Price includes extra prizes)

Basic lighting provided - power not required


Further travel - Please ring or email for free quotation


Each stall is 8 feet (approx 2.4m) wide and  8 feet (approx 2.4m) deep. They are 7 feet (approx 2.1m) tall

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